TOREA Reborn
The saga of a 20 month haul out
October 3, 2004
The 6 week which became 20 month
and counting restoration begins
Broken frames
Over 75% of TOREA's frames were
broken or repaired with Bondo
Existing frame repair
Existing frame repairs were sistered or
Interior removed
The demolition of the old interior begins
Bondo frame
Bondo frame repair cross section.
Not much wood left
Forward interior removed
Frame heel and Floor timber
Pitch dug out to reveal frame heel and
floor connections
Frame removal
Eventually all frames except 3 pairs in
the bow and stern were replaced.
Purpleheart lamination
First half of laminations in place and
prepping for last half of frames
Cutting angled scarf for laminating
Purple heart was laminated onto old frame
using the dish scarf method
Failed lamination
After 2 weeks many of the lamination
were pulling away from the hull or
separating along the lamination glue
Biting the bullet
Removing all the previously installed
Purpleheart laminates and steam
bending full length oak frames.
Pre-bending first frame
First frame is just out of the steam box
and is pre-bent before being passed
Laying up new oak frame
New oak frame being walked up the
planking before being fastened
Frames replaced and planking begins
Planks are fastened using #16 x 2/12" bronze
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