TOREA Reborn
The saga of a 20 month haul out
Page 2
Reefing seams
Yours truly reefing out planking seams
Planking complete
Total of 10 new
planks were replaced
100% re-caulking
All seams above and below the
waterline were re caulked using cotton
and covered with brown or white seam
Caulking complete
Caulking is complete and waiting to
begin applying Interlux traditional
seam compound (white or brown)
Replacing teak rub rail
Port and starboard rub rails were
Fairing the hull
New pitch in floor bays
Stepping the main mast
Mast heel being positioned over step
Notice coin and black sand in mortise
Tahitian coin and black sand
I collected the black sand from Matavai Bay,
Tahiti while sailing on the HMAV BOUNTY
built for the Anthony Hopkins/Mel Gibson
movie "The Bounty"
New teak cabin sole
Teak sole underside painted
Paint and varnish time
Underway to the launching crane
Classic Tahiti ketch underwater shape
Beautiful bronze hawse holes
Classy tear dropped shaped hawse holes
Northbay Boatworks gang -
The "pros"
l to r: Jay, Anton, Holden, and Jody
Launch day June 6, 2006
Finally in the slings after 20 long