The SquareRigger began as a way of highlighting and sharing the unique
and  challenging  work that I have done over the last 20 years.  Whether
you are looking for advice or helpful instruction or support on your
project, the SquareRigger would like to help.
Since 2010, I have been director of the 1877 iron barque ELISSA
in Galveston, Texas.  Before that, I  was historic ships rigging
supervisor for San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
for 8 years.

My traditional rigging and sailing career began over 30 years
ago on the 51' gaff topsail wooden schooner, Atlantas,
in Southern California.  Since then, I have sailed over 30,000
miles on the following  square-rigged & traditional vessels:

I have also had the good fortune to have served as Chief Rigger
on the following rigging restorations:

I have enjoyed serving as a consultant on the following historic

In 1998, while supervising the rig restoration of the barque
Glenlee in Scotland, I gave a  seminar & lecture on traditional
rigging at the Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies at the
University of St. Andrews.

100 ton USCG Masters License
AB & lifeboat man endorsement
Jamie White
The SquareRigger
(415) 786-5673
415 786-5673