The SquareRigger began as a way of highlighting and sharing the unique
and  challenging  work that I have done over the last 20 years.  Whether
you are looking for advice or helpful instruction or support on your
project, the SquareRigger would like to help.
I have worked in the traditional rigging and square-rig sail training
world since the early 1980s.  During that time, I've gathered an
extensive knowledge and understanding of historic and replica
sailing ships and their operational, restoration, and maintenance
requirements.  I had the honor of being the director of the Texas
Seaport Museum and the 1877 barque
ELISSA in Galveston,
Texas from October 2010 to April 2016 and successfully leading
her through her second restoration.  This
restoration renewed
over 1,800 ft² of hull plating and a new wooden foc's'le, main,
poop decks.

My traditional rigging and sailing career began over 30 years
ago on the 51' gaff topsail wooden schooner, Atlantas,
in Southern California.  Since then, I have sailed over 30,000
miles on the following  square-rigged & traditional vessels:

I have also had the good fortune to have served as Chief Rigger
on the following rigging restorations:

I have enjoyed serving as a consultant on the following historic

Most recently, I spent 2016 supervising and directing the multi-
million dollar rigging restoration of the 1885 full-rigged ship
Wavertree in New York City.  Currently, I have been asked to be
the master rigger on the rig restoration of the square-topsail
Swift of Ipswich owned by the Los Angeles Maritime
Institute in San Pedro, California.

100 ton USCG Masters License
AB & lifeboat man endorsement
Jamie White
The SquareRigger
(415) 786-5673
415 786-5673