Brig Lady Washington
LADY WASHINGTON Specifications:

Length on deck: 67 feet
Length on the waterline: 72 feet
Overall length: 112 feet
Draft (Depth): 11 feet
Beam (Width): 22 feet
Mast height: 89 feet
Displacement: 210 tons
Gross tonnage: 99 tons
Total sail area: 4,442 square feet
Rigging: Approximately six miles
Guns: Two three pounder; two swivels aft
Crew compliment: 12
Passenger capacity: 45
Sailing Lady Washington video
Lady Washington & Hawaiian Chieftain video
In the Spring of 1989, I was hired as lead rigger to assist chief rigger, Charlie Finger, with getting the
newly launched brig Lady Washington rigged.  We had her fully rigged and undergoing her USCG
certification sea-trials in about 45 days.  I had the honor of training her first crew in the capacity of
Sailing Master and two years later sailed as her master.
Lady Washington in frame with
spars being built alongside.
My first day March 8, 1989
Once the hull was launched, the
building shed became the rigging
Lady Washington launched into the Wiskah
River, Aberdeen, Washington on March 7, 1989
Stepping the main mast
Fabricating foot ropes and
stropping blocks with Kit
Stepping the main mast
Bending on sails
Bending on sails
Rigging details
Mouse I raised on the
main and preventer stays
Tack boomkin for boarding
the tack of fore course.
Ship Articles for Maiden Voyage - my
signature is the second one down.
Making a marled Flemish
eye on a foot rope
Jack Finney, Chris "Tarbrush" Jannini,Charlie
Finger (chief rigger), and Peter Ogden
The hull needs masts and spars
My rigging bench
Chris Jannini working aloft on
main topgallant yard.
Leather work aloft
Bending on sail for the first time