East and North in Taihoa
July 1958 article in the New Zealand Yachting magazine Sea Spray
30' Tahiti Ketch designed by John Hanna and built by Mr. T.W. Stringer in
Christchurch,New Zealand in the late 1940's.  Taihoa won the 1954 ocean
yacht race from Auckland, New Zealand to Hobart, Tasmania and is currently
being looked after by a very talented Sausalito, California shipwright, Jody
Boyle.  Jody is one of the principals of
North Bay Boatworks - a highly
recommended group of shipwrights.

A wonderful story of her passage from New Zealand to San Francisco can be
found here:
Taihoa anchored in Moorea
Taihoa in Sausalito with her old rig
Taihoa in Sausalito with her old rig
Jody helped in parceling the
new rigging
A finished halter eye.  A halter eye is an over sized
eye splice that is closed down onto the thimble by
clapping on a fiber or wire seizing.  The Turks head
knot is merely decorative, but what the heck - the
look so nice in this application
...and with some of the full length service.

Here is a link to a video of Jody in action

Serving wire rope
Awaiting the new rig
Attaching the shrouds
Nice and freshly tarred
Mizzen lower and upper shrouds
and a new rig