The 80-foot Baltic Tjalk (Dutch
barge) Hindeloopen was built in

Iron hull, built in Belgium. Refitted
as a yacht in 1982
Complete replacement of all standing rigging with
hand splices in 1/2" galvanized wire rope worm,
parceled and served full length.   All old  shroud
battens were replaced with new white oak staves.
                 The Old Rig

Original wire rope was in need of replacement due
to corrosion of unserved wire.  The terminal fittings
were mechanical swaged eyes that showed signs
of work hardening.  Shroud battens were attached
by using cable clips, which weaken the batten at
the 2 holes needed for attachment.
The New Rig

The standing rigging served full length
with square lashed oak shroud battens