Split Topsail Ketch Hawaiian Chieftain
Launched:                 June 12, 1988
Length Overall:         103′ 9″
Length at Waterline:    57′
Length on Deck:         65'
Beam:                         22′
Draft:                            5′ 6″
Tonnage:                  64 net, 80 gross
Type:                        Gaff-rigged split topsail ketch
Sail Area:                 4,200 sq. ft.
Ballast:                      20,000 lbs. Lead
Hull:                          Steel
Builder:                     Lahaina Welding Co

Hawaiian Chieftain is a 103-foot square-rigged topsail ketch
owned and operated by Grays Harbor Historical Seaport. Built in
Lahaina, Hawaii in 1988, she is a contemporary interpretation of a
traditional design based on the European trading vessels that called
in Hawaii during the 18th-century.

Hawaiian Chieftain was commissioned by Laurence H. “Baron”
Dorcy, Jr., who intended to use teh vessel to trade among the
Hawaiian and South Pacific Islands.  Her design of shallow draft
and twin turbo diesel engines allow her to sail in many isolated
lagoons and pull up in to the beach, using her powerful twin diesels
to pull herself off upon departing.   Hawaiian Chieftain's maiden
voyage was from Honolulu to Tahiti with a return to Honolulu and
then on to San Francisco.  I had the good luck of sailing abord her
as first mate during this maiden voyage.  After arrival in Sausalito, I
was captain for a couple of daysails including racing in the  Master
Mariners Regatta.  

Over the years, the ship changed owners several times finally being
purchased by Gray's Harbor Historical Seaport Authority.  The
ship was laid up after wastage of steel plate was discovered in
2020 and is currently up for sale.
Sailing in San Francisco Bay in mid 1990s
Entering San Francisco Bay after maiden voyage
Hawaii-Tahiti-Hawaii-San Francisco Fall 1990
Summer 1990 - At anchor Moore, French Polynesia first leg of maiden voyage.
1990 Maiden Voyage
End of Maiden Voyage of Hawaiian Chieftain sailing into San Francisco Bay.
Alongside Nuku Hiva in Marquesas
Islands in French Polynesia.
Motoring down the main channel of
Papeete, Tahiti towards open sea and
return to Honolulu and then towards San
Morning sunlight in Moorea.  That
afternoon we departed towards Papeete.
Bending on sail in preparation for
departure towards Honolulu via Nuku
Hiva, Marquesas Islands
Evening parties were the norm while in
Tahiti and Moorea.
At anchor Moorea.
Last minute preparation in
the rig before departure.
Maiden Voyage crew photo
Lashing a flower lei to he jibboom and adjusting Dore topmast staysail
halyard..  It is tradition to cast the lei off when passing Diamond Head.
Underway repairs
The Baron loved standing shark watch
with his shotgun during swim calls.
Larry "Baron" Dorcy at the helm.
Reading "In Search of Paradise"
at anchor in Moorea
Morning of departure towards Tahiti
"Crossing the Line".  I was the only shellback (a sailor
who crossed the Equator) on board so the first person
or "pollywog" to initiate into King Neptune's realm
was the Baron.
Baron after his initiation and now serving
in the role of King Neptune during the
initiation of all the other crew members.
Captain Paul Bonge being initiated into
the solemn Order of the Deep.
The fishing was great with several
Marlins, Tunas, and Dorado fish caught
and feasted upon by a hungry crew.
I enjoyed practicing my Celestial
Navigation skills.
Arrival in Papeete, Tahiti the capital of
French Polynesia.  We stayed in
Papeete for about a week before sailing
to Moorea.
Sailing down the northern coast of
Heading towards our anchorage in
Opunohu Bay
One of the Tuna fish we caught.
Alongside Honolulu harbor day before
Crossing the Line Ceremony
Dolphins and Trade Winds... Doesn't get
much beater than this!
About a year after arrival in San Francisco, Hawaiian
Chieftain was sold and went through several owners.  She
was eventually purchased by Gray's Harbor Historical
Seaport and sailed in consort with brig Lady Washington.
As of 2020 she is out of commission and awaiting new
owners or????