Marriott's Ko Olina Beach Club
Like with Pirates of the Caribbean 3, I was hired as a rigger by the rigging coordinator
Courtney Anderson.  I enjoyed the work and especially since it was happening in Hawaii.  
I was flown out and put up in the beautiful Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club by Walt Disney

Working on a big budget Hollywood film is a surreal experience.  It's like the circus coming
to town and you get to peek and play under the curtain where money is no obstacle... not
when the Pirate of the Caribbean film franchise has grossed over 4 billion dollars.  I will
never forget watching one of the artists applying gold leaf to fake the brisk
afternoon trade winds.  There was gold leaf blowing all around!
Queen Anne's Revenge was control by a hand held
joy stick shown here with the captain using it.
Queen Anne's Revenge sea trials
Gold leafing props and set pieces.
How to make a modern fiberglass yacht look like a carvel planked wooden boat???

Easy, just apply fake Styrofoam planks
A spritsail topmast for
Queen Anne's Revenge
Rigging the spritsail topmast on Queen Anne's Revenge
Brand new white fore sail...not for long.
We cut it with our rigging knives and then the Art Department applied aging and red paint.  
Blackbeard's ship,
Queen Anne's Revenge should have blood red sails - shouldn't it??,
Setting up fore lower shrouds and catharpins
My old shipmate from rigging
Moshulu and Glenlee, Jim Barry,
was working with the Marine Unit.
Art & Prop Departments