Ship Falls of Clyde
Ships graceful as Falls of Clyde have lit up and awakened the hearts and spirits of people through the ages.
Even a layman can see the fine lines in Falls of Clyde’s hull – a grace and power in each riveted strake. What
fortunate people we are to have one of the most beautiful things on this planet to champion, a beautiful medium
clipper square-rigger.

The great author and recorder of the Sea, Joseph Conrad, was master of a ship much smaller but just as
graceful as Falls of Clyde, and best summed up his feelings about her and captured my love of Falls of Clyde
in a single line:
“It is good to be in a world in which she has her being”. Let’s all work to keep her in our world.

I am very honored to have been asked to join the endeavor, as a consultant, to return Falls of Clyde to the
river of her birth…the Clyde and restore her to sailing trim.  She is worth all our efforts.
An appeal for saving Falls of Clyde
Let's work together and save the ship!
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Falls of Clyde
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Historical Photos of Falls of Clyde
1894 San Francisco
1888 at anchor
1880s at anchor